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Chettinad - Sath Sadhana, is a centre for  holistic learning to promote students’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The objective is to provide a happy, vibrant and transformational environment that inspires students towards independence and inclusion .  Sath Sadhana aims to create a centre that enables students to work towards an integrated development. The aim is also to train students in essential life skills, to help them gain independence and autonomy in all areas of needs such as intellectual, emotional and physical.


​The curriculum at Sath Sadhana is multi-faceted. Sath Sadhana offers a progressive learning environment, considering all the current trends and developments in life skills. 


Chettinad – Sath Sadhana comes under the aegis of the Gandhi Nagar Educational Society. Registered under the Society Registration Act in 1954, it was started with the intention of initiating educational activities in and around Raja Annamalai Puram and Gandhi Nagar, Adyar.  Under the guidance of Sir M.A. Muthiah Chettiar, the Society started High Schools and Primary Schools. The Society currently manages 16 schools.

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