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Questions on Admission

How can my son/daughter become a part of Sath Sadhana?

Chettinad-Sath Sadhana’s Goals are to impart experience-based interventions to students with differential ability by focussing on their interests and ability.

Any adolescent or young adult above the age of 10 years with differential needs, like Autism, Learning Difficulty, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy and any other neurological impairments.

What is the focus at Sath Sadhana?

The areas of focus at Sath Sadhana, comprise of the Preparatory phase, Academic phase and the Skill development phase. Any student who enters Sath Sadhana, depending on their needs and current level is intensely trained to become a part of the main classroom. The focus is on over all development of the student towards the demands of the general classroom atmosphere. 
The Academic phase is were some of our young students learn Fundamental Concepts, Functional Literacy and Numeracy that may be extended to life. A well-structured and researched curriculum is formulated to ensure smooth, productive and joyful transition from Adolescents to Adulthood.

The Skill development phase is where all the students are put through a structure environment of training from one level to the next, where learning is progressive. Our aim is to make the student a part of a successful working group, where every student will be working in simulated work stations to achieve a common goal. We strongly believe that integration and inclusion will be successful when our students work along with other people in a common environment. 

My son / daughter is 10, what would the curriculum entail for him?

The preparatory phase is where any new student who enters Sath Sadhana will work at. Here a detailed analysis of the student, his needs, his family, his background, his child history, his likes and dislikes are documented. Specific goals based on his need and based on the development needed currently is set and worked towards. He receives individual attention till he is ready for the main classroom environment. Here the student is shaped in all developmental areas like Social, emotional, physical, cognitive and functional to prepare him for the main class environment.

What is Function Literacy and Numeracy?


Gone are the days when reading, writing and Arithmetic skills made a solid foundation for one to function independently as an individual or launch and sustain a successful career. Literacy has been stretched to include newer methods. Recognizing this new age definition of Literacy, Chettinad-Sath Sadhana has tailored its curriculum to promote a progressive education leading to independent living

The different types of literacies which are incorporated in the lesson plans are Foundation literacy, visual & auditory literacy, Health literacy, financial literacy, civics & ethical literacy, digital literacy, skill-based literacy and Social-Emotional literacy. 
The curriculum is made personalized based on their likes and dislikes. For instance, if a student likes fashion accessories, then entire curriculum and lesson plan for her will be made based on jewelries and accessories, which makes the learning more interesting.
Thus, the flexible curriculum makes the student apply and generalize when it comes to real life situations.

What do you mean by Skill Training and Pre skills?

Sath Sadhana offers a simulated work environment for the young adults to promote work skills leading to independence and employment. A simple to complex cooperative method of learning, that compliments and supplements each student’s strength and weakness. 

This project method of intervention encourages the students to work in a group, to work in a structured environment, eventually encouraging them to make their own personal choices at work and become as independent as possible in their lives. For this, the students whilst entering Sath Sadhana a detailed analysis of the student’s profile is prepared, specific goals based on his/her needs is worked on and they undergo rigorous training in the form of one on one sessions which is also called pre-skill or preparatory phase of development. 


Is there a progression in a skill training process?

Our Long-term goal is to produce a multi-level skill development process. The students will progress from Level 1 to Level 5 which will comprise of basic skill training and will progress towards advanced skill training. 

If he / she has a flair for visual media, how can you support us?

The Ability Enhancement multi-media Program (AIMS) offers a range of educational programs at Sath Sadhana. Students above the age group of 12 years are introduced to Multi-Media and Animation, thereby working on their creativity and imagination. The curriculum includes technology, multi-media and art-based work skills. The training is done in 2 levels, beginners and advanced. The beginners level introduces students to drawing and basic multi-media skills and advance focuses on projects which encompasses preparation, production and post production. The classes are for 6 hours a week. The students are enrolled for the program after a basic screening conducted by AIMS Media professional.

How is the eligibility of the students in workstations are determined?

The model of intervention at Sath Sadhana is planned keeping in mind our culture, parental support and sibling impact at home. As the focus will be to make the student socially, physically, emotionally and economically independent.

We did an assessment 1 year ago, would that be valid?

The current performance level is to be assessed in all areas to understand the student well. A holistic assessment which attends to all areas of development is done when the student joins new. Prior assessments may be referred to for additional information. 

At Sath Sadhana assessments will be done periodically and parent is provided with a detailed and descriptive report every 6 months to understand the development of the student through the course of time

Questions on Curriculum

Will my child be eventually taking Functional Academics and Skills?

All students at Sath Sadhana will undergo skill training. Academic training will be for those who show interest and capabilities in learning deeper concepts of Literacy and Numeracy concepts that relate to real life situations. 

What if my son/daughter does not fit into a group?

A student while entering Sath Sadhana will undergo a thorough assessment in all developmental areas to record his current performance level. The goal and the curriculum will be flexed according to the level and needs of the student. He receives individual attention till he is ready for the main classroom environment. Here the student is shaped in all developmental areas like Social, emotional, physical, cognitive and functional to prepare him for the main class environment.

Will there be regular review to assess whether my child has improved in his learning areas?

Assessments will be done every 6 months to understand the development of the student in all areas and a descriptive report will be provided to the parent every 6 months.

Questions on School

What is the time table for the students?

Due to the pandemic, the students are now connection us through Online sessions. In a day, they are part of 2 sessions online and also work on offline work additionally. 

A day at Sath Sadhana will include Prayer, academic classes, skill training at various work stations, physical education classes, Multimedia sessions and Extra-curricular activities.

What are the working hours of Sath Sadhana?

When physical school reopens, it will start at 9:00 AM and will end at 2 PM for the students. The teachers will be available at 3 PM. The office will be open till 4 PM for enquiries. 

How do you group the children?

Sath Sadhana believes in a cooperative learning method for the students to work harmoniously in any environment later in their lives. One on sessions will be given to beginners and new learners. Otherwise, students will be grouped to form a diverse group of members who compliments each other. They will be grouped according to their age and strength and needs.

Questions on Teachers

What would the teacher / student ratio be like in Sath Sadhana?

A class will contain up to 8 students with 1 teacher and a helper akka to support the group.

What are their qualifications and what kind of training will they undergo?

The teachers at Sath Sadhana are a mixture of special educators, Bachelors/Masters in Teaching and specifically qualified in field like Computer science, English, home science etc to support the diverse group of students. 

The teachers are intensely trained throughout the year through professional development programs specific to the students they are constantly working with. They undergo training in language, communication, sensory issues, Literacy and math programs workshops, project training workshops etc.  They also undergo other training in cultural event management, mindfulness programs, recreational activities etc to help them sustain their multidimensional responsibilities through the year.

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