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Our Team


Ms. Deepika


Ms. Deepika is a coordinator at Chettinad-Sath sadhana. She has 3 years of experience at another special school. She has completed her MS in Biotechnology and also has few years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. She has always been interested in Teaching and communicating to youngsters and she feels that fate led her to special children. She enjoys working with inquisitive young minds and wants to help them appreciate themselves and the world they live in! She enjoys interacting with the different staff members of Sath Sadhana.


Ms. Santhana Lakshmi Mohanraj

Computer Trainer

Ms. Santhana Lakshmi Mohanraj, our Computer Trainer holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Library Science, used to work as a Software Engineer at Infosys. She also used to be one of the members in the Management committee of Vana Vani MHS School. She is a very sincere, honest and a dedicated person who thrives to give her best in all her endeavours. She loves to be with children and feels that special children shower true love and affection without any expectations. Her patience and compassion towards the children has made her very dear to them. She feels happy to be part of this school. 


Ms. Meenakshi

Special Educator

Ms. Meenakshi has completed her B.Ed in Special Education from Tamil Nadu Open University and also holds a Masters degree in Psychology. She is very passionate and has been associated with the institution since June 2019. As a special educator, She believes in working towards the functional and independent living of students with diverse needs. 


Ms. Sayeedasamira

Special Educator

Ms. Sayeedasamira is working as a special educator for past 7 years at Chettinad-Sath Sadhana. She has recently gained much experience in the Skill training group. She is very passionate about working with students. Her personal goal is to make as many students independent and to discover their own capacity. 


Ms. Priyanka Ganesan

Special Educator

Priyanka Ganesan, an English graduate with a B.Ed. in Special education ( specialization in ID). She has over  4+ years of experience in the field of special education. Her main goal is to prepare students to be a life-long achievers.


Mr. Kathiravan

School Admin

Mr.Kathiravan is part of the Administration team of Chettinad-Sath Sadhana. He is on the verge of completing his B.COM (Computer Application) degree. He is part of Sath Sadhana for the past 6 years. He enjoys working with the team and is very appreciative of the opportunity with the little bit of interaction he has with students at Sath Sadhana. 

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