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Our Programme


It offers a multi-dimensional programme, leading to holistic development of the individual. The goal is to equip students with life skills such as personal hygiene, activities of daily living, culinary skills, safety, personal growth, awareness, and community access. The curriculum offers application-oriented literacy, numeracy and work skills along with co-curricular activities. A wide range of co-curricular activities are provided to enhance sensorial, physical and emotional stability and development.

  • Outdoor and indoor sports

  • Yoga and martial arts

  • Music, dance and art

  • Stimulated Work Environment

The programme for 10-14 years old focuses on developing foundations for necessary life skills. The curriculum enhances functional literacy and numeracy, with focus on skills in problem-solving, decision-making, organisational skills along with exposure to computer skills. Sath Sadhana offers a simulated work environment for young adults (15 years onwards) to promote work skills, leading to independence and employment. Socio-cognitive skills such as working in a group, self-regulation, self-direction, communication and making connections are promoted.

The organic garden, leaf ware and artistry units also provide opportunity to learn functional math and computer skills through processes like organization, stock taking and managing a tuck shop. Students are also exposed to the concept of a sustainable environment through the organic garden and composting procedures. A variety of options like neighbourhood initiatives, self-employment, family enterprise and open placements are provided. Based on the potential and interest of the individual, a course of action is chosen by a collaborative team of professionals and parents.

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