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Pre skills

Age group – 10 to 14 years

The primary years are a critical phase in a child’s development. Our services and supports focus on social and emotional well-being to help student to gain an understanding of their world so they can function comfortably within it. We offer activities that focus on individual needs and encourage skills and competencies, so students can explore and interact with their world with confidence and assurance.

Students below 14 years, AIMS media students, and students involved in the basic computer program would have stand-alone literacy, numeracy, basic computer skills and skill training, along with co-curricular activities.

The focus for students in work skills unit would be enhancing attention, engagement and systematic work skills. Co-curricular activities would be provided every day to enhance sensory, physical and emotional well-being. Literacy, numeracy and basic computer skills would be integrated with graded, structured work experience.

The learning approach for the students will follow an integration of their visual, kinaesthetic and the auditory senses. Supporting the skills and the literacy the student’s daily routine will have activities which will help them build on and enhance their gross motor, fine motor skills along with communication and this will be an integral part of the curriculum.

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