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Chettinad Sath Sadhana students projects

Our Approach

The goal of Chettinad - Sath Sadhana is to provide life skills training in a happy and secure environment that promotes holistic development in students. Students acquire a greater degree of proficiency in thinking skills when they are provided opportunities to practice what they have learnt. The present programme offers these opportunities to practice through its various environments. This helps the students develop well rounded thinking skills that help them cope in real life situations. The curriculum focuses on enhancing knowledge, comprehension and application. Each thinking skill moves from concrete to abstract levels. The higher the level of thinking skill, the more complex is the task. At each level, however, clear and concise thinking  is the goal.

Our services encourage student and families to value their own abilities, strengths and capacities, helping them to develop the necessary emotional resilience needed to manage disappointments and frustrations.

We work with students to:

  • Increase social skills and relationships

  • Deepen the understanding and sense of self

  • Increase the sense of connection with others and the world at large

  • Extend social, literacy and numeracy skills

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with our loved ones

Encouraging resilience

It is important to focus on student’s strengths rather than on negative behaviour. Parents can support student’s wellbeing and emotional development by showing understanding of their feelings and by offering encouragement and specific praise for student’s efforts. By learning to value their own strengths and efforts, as well as those of others, student become much more adept at coping with stressful or unexpected situations. Through our services, we continually seek opportunities for children to be successful as this leads to children feeling competent and confident in themselves and in their world.

How we work

Our services use a student-centered approach, recognizing the importance of working with family members. We tailor our support to meet the individual needs of student on the difficulties in their natural environment wherever possible. Our approach is based on understanding the learning characteristics of student, and promoting the use of visual supports and structuring their physical environment to encourage meaning and independence. Our primary years services are delivered by a team of qualified education and allied health professionals using an evidence-informed framework. 

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