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Our Team


Ms. Santhana Lakshmi Mohanraj skills trainer Sath Sadhana

Ms. Santhana Lakshmi Mohanraj

Skills Trainer

Ms. Santhana Lakshmi Mohanraj, our Computer Trainer holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Library Science, used to work as a Software Engineer at Infosys. She also used to be one of the members in the Management committee of Vana Vani MHS School. She is a very sincere, honest and a dedicated person who thrives to give her best in all her endeavours. She loves to be with children and feels that special children shower true love and affection without any expectations. Her patience and compassion towards the children has made her very dear to them. She feels happy to be part of this school.

Ms. Sayeedasamira special educator Chettinad Sath Sadhana

Ms. Sayeedasamira

Special Educator and Arts Facilitator

Ms. Sayeedasamira is working as a special educator for past 7 years at Chettinad-Sath Sadhana. She has recently gained much experience in the Skill training group. She is very passionate about working with students. Her personal goal is to make as many students independent and to discover their own capacity. 

Ms. Divyasree special educator Chettinad Sath Sadhana

Ms. Divyasree

Special Educator

Ms. Divyasree has completed her Master’s Degree in School Psychology with specializations in play therapy and trained in a nationalized institution. She loves to work with children and enjoys every moment spent with them. Her personal goal is to make all the special children feel unique in their own lives and to help them be unique in their own ways. Her strength is her patience and perseverance. After doing several internships she found her passion to be working as a Special Educator. She finds her calling in supporting non-verbal students to regulate their emotions and feelings.

Mr. J  Bose  phycial educator Chettinad Sath Sadhana

Mr. J Bose 

Physical Educator

Mr. Bose comes with 6 years of experience in both academic and practical backgrounds. He holds B.Sc. in physical health and sports education. He has also done his M.P.Ed and M.Phil., in Physical Education from Tamil Nadu Physical and Sports University. He has expertise in identifying talent and aspires his students to participate in Special Olympics. He is a firm believer that weight management and fitness is extremely essential for students with special needs. Weight management helps in reducing the medicine dosages preventing various side- effects. Further, seeing the students become self-reliant is one of his goals, especially in the area of sports. 


Ms. P Revathy administrator finance Chettinad Sath Sadhana

Ms. P Revathy 

Administrator - Finance

Ms. Revathy has 14 years of work experience in Finance and Accounts and her previous job for over a decade at an event management company. Her skills include TALLY, MS OFFICE, DCA,DTP AND AAC. Her work paved the opportunity to interact with people at all levels, gaining expertise in her public relations skills. She aspires to work for students with different abilities and shares the same compassion as the rest of the staff. At any given opportunity she interacts and understands them. Revathy is familiar with all the students and their day to day activities and interests. 

Mr. Pradeep administrator operations Chettinad Sath Sadhana

Mr. Pradeep

Administrator – Operations

Mr. Pradeep is a committed individual who derives happiness from working for the welfare of others. His involvement in awareness programs during college and relief work during the Chennai flood ignited a passion for making a positive difference in people's lives. At Sath Sadhana, he dedicates himself to the development of special students as a key member of the school administrative staff. Proud of his role, he ensures all resources and facilities are in place for a seamless learning journey. With a personal connection to a special cousin, he effortlessly connects with and supports all our students. He holds a degree in commerce, pursuing Masters in Economics, comes with an experience in working with marketing and e-commerce. 

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