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Sath Sadhana Functional Academics

Functional Academics


Literary Skills – Comprehension

Finding Details from Pictures/Texts

Understanding direct information conveyed, leading to answering/asking `what’, `when’, `where’ questions. This will enhance the listening skills in students and read with the intention of deriving details.


Logical sequencing of events, what precedes and follows a task, following schedule to complete activity/recipe. This leads students to perform a task independently and also to transit from one task to another without adult help.

Following Instructions

Understanding oral/pictures/symbol/textual instructions to complete tasks (includes language related to nouns, verbs and prepositions)



Looking at picture to determine physical features (colour, shape, size). Narrating experiences in and out of school, sharing experiences in a group.

Understanding Directions

Finding a space inside school with pictures/texts/symbols. Landmarks for places frequently visited outside school. Address and directions to reach home. Laterality and directionality skills through games.



Classification, sorting based on physical attributes, concepts and function and making comparisons. Categorization is a very important skill which is practiced in many activities during the day, the simplest being sorting clothes & vegetables, moves on to more complex tasks like organizing shelves, packing things, cooking, planning for an event/trip etc.


Likes/dislikes of oneself and others. Promoted during group discussion. Enhances empathizing and promotes sensitivity. Can lead to awareness sensory preference helping the individual to desensitize. It also promotes language related to profile. “Satish does not like loud noises”, “My mother hates brinjal”, “I like sweets”, etc.


Symbol, quantity (counting), more than (comparison). Understanding quantity is more important in application rather than recognising symbols, importance will be given to counting and thus promoting cardinal values of numbers.



Conceptual understanding of the 4 operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division –  and understanding situations in which these operations are used.

Calculator Skills

Calculator skills for the 4 operations.


Personalized calendar for monthly events, being prepared for the event/activity, planning a schedule for the weekend. Time duration for activities.



Identification, value of money (buying value), basic accounting using calculator.



Experiences in measuring length, weight, capacity with non-standard / standard measurements during practical experiences.

Data Entry


Basic skills in data entry and computer application. Collection, entry, interpretation of data and application.

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