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Skill Training


All students would start in the foundation unit which will stimulate and enhance creativity and free expression through art. Students would be working on different materials like paint, paper, clay, wood, etc. They would experience working in small groups and would be provided suitable adaptations to complete tasks independently. These activities would enhance  sensory integration, thus calming the student and preparing him to move on to higher levels.

On completion of skills in the previous unit, students would move on to socio-cognitive skills like pre/post organization skills, completion of a task independently, quality control, taking responsibilities and handling table-top equipment like printing, laminating and xerox machines. In the kitchen skills unit, students would be trained on simple herbal cosmetic items (soaps, bakery bites, etc). Students will also experience setting up and managing a tuck shop for their products. This unit will promote sequential processes, following recipes, trying variations, measurement and basic accounting skills.

Students who have mastered the above skills and are ready, would move on to a production unit, started with the help of TN Agricultural University. They would learn to make eco-friendly, bio- degradable leaf-ware of different sizes with semi-automatic machines. Absolute safety is ensured. Students would be working on pre- and post-organization, and handling a lever system under trained personnel.

Organic gardening and vermi-compost

Students would get an opportunity to experience farming under the guidance of trained personnel. Experiencing with nature and soil leads to calmness and self-discovery. A rich sensorial experience, farming helps them to engage effectively and learn about respecting and nurturing nature and to benefit from it. Gardening has a multi-dimensional impact, promoting language, math, science and work skills in students.

After mastering skills through the above-mentioned environments, based on the potential and interest, students and their families can choose a direction for further specialized training, leading to

  • Home-based employment

  • Parent co-operatives

  • Family business

  • Open placement

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